Name Organisation Country
Ms Anne Bouteloup France
Ms Angela Bovo France
Mr. Martin Dietrich Brauch, LL.M. International lawyer and economist, Lead author of the Treaty on Sustainable Investment for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation United States
Mr Pedro Brazuna Simões Portugal
Mr Maxime Bréhin France
Prof. Christian Breyer Professor, LUT University Finland
Mr Aurelien Brianceau-Roch Local councillor collaborator, City of Clermont-Ferrand (Fr) France
Dr. Janis Brizga Chair, Green Liberty Latvia
Mr Pascal Buehrig Investment Consultant, CCL, LYMEC Germany
Mr Carlos Buj Coordinator, XR Zaragoza Spain
Mr Nolan Burban PhD Student, Institut Curie France
Mr. Tom Burke Chairman, E3G United Kingdom
Dr. Henner Busch Researcher, Lund University Sweeden
Ms. Sarah Butler-Sloss Founder of the Ashden Awards, a leading sustainable energy prize in the UK, United Kingdom
Prof. Dr.-Eng. Luisa F. Cabeza Full professor, University of Lleida Spain
Ms. Ana Maria Calafat Rogers Biologist, Spanish Society of Ecological Agriculture (SEAE) Spain
Mr MIGUEL CALERO Netherlands
Dr. Martin Cames Head Energy & Climate, Öko-Institut Germany
Mr. Mark Campanale Founder & Executive Chair, Carbon Tracker Initiative United Kingdom
Mr Pedro Carloto Consultant, StoneSoup Portugal
Prof. Óscar Carpintero Profesor de Economía Aplicada, University of Valladolid Spain
Mr jose carraca Software developer, Golphis Portugal
Dr. Wim Carton Assistant Professor, Lund University Center of Sustainability Science Sweeden
Mr jaime Casanova Alonso Responsable de proyectos , Empieza consultora Spain
Prof. Isabelle Cassiers Emeritus Professor and Senior Research Associate, UCLouvain Belgium and Belgian Fund for Scientific Research Belgium